The Status of Hop Top...


The Hop Top Beverage Preservation System is being developed to fill a need that, in our opinion, is not being met with true excellence.  CO2 injection systems for beer growlers exist, but we wanted a way to control the exact pressure of the CO2 in the vessel, as well as a better way to ensure that the air in the head space is completely purged without wasting excessive amounts of CO2 in the process. We also wanted to develop a system that could be adapted to a broad range of existing containers. We are therefore developing a modular system in which the same regulator connects onto any of various caps specifically designed for the various closures.

During the month of May, 2014 we ran a Kickstarter campaign (now closed) to get this product line launched into the martketplace. We presented there our proposed product line, deferring any actual purchases and shipments until the Kickstarter campaign had run its course. During that time, as we got our products up and listed on this site, each item had a "pre-order" button, which takes you to the Kickstarter project page, and from there you could make your pledge. 

Currently, this site is for exposition only, and we are not taking any orders at this time.

Current Status

For us on the development team, the Hop Top is our favorite thing to work on. Unfortunately, however, Economic realities and corporate strategy require us to put the project on hold for the next several months. We have been assured that in the spring of next year, the Hop Top will be push back onto the front burner, and we are excited about that.  We sincerely wish to thank all of our supporters and enthusiasts for your positive feedback and encouragement.  Thank you!

Candor and Transparency

We hope it will be obvious that we are not pretending to be something we're not. This product is real, make no mistake, but we will not pretend that something exists when it doesn't. And we will never sell something that is not in stock and ready to ship. That is why, as of this writing, there are no "click to buy" buttons here—because we're not yet ready to ship.

Our Kickstarter campaign was unsuccessful in raising the funding necessary to immediately go forward with injection mold tooling fabrication. What this means is that in the near term we will be able to produce the Hop Top in CNC-machined form only, and we are agressively moving forward to meet that demand. Those supporters who backed our Kickstarter campaign may now (well, almost now, but soon) purchase products from this site as they become available.

Please Stay Tuned

We will be updating and improving this web site as we go. We will be implementing a subscription system so that you may create a user account here and choose to receive email updates if you so desire. Sign-up instructions will be posted here, once we figure out how it all works, so check back often.

Thanks to all!

-The Hop Top team

Welcome to Hop Top - the Beverage Preservation System

Here at Hop Top, we are aggressively positioning ourselves to be the one-stop source for all your beverage preservation needs. Though our product line was originally inspired by the needs of beer admirers, we have a fondness for fine wine and all other tasty beverages, so we are proud to announce that the Hop Top "works with any liquid!".