Hop Top Regulator


The Hop Top Regulator is the heart of the Hop Top product line.

  • Designed and made for precision operation
  • Accepts 16 gram CO2 cartridge, threaded or non-threaded
  • Accepts 21ml Argon cartridge for wine (non-fizzy)
  • Accepts Hop Top CO2 bottle adapter (HTHOSE-01)
  • Dial in your exact desired gas pressure from 1 to 12 psi
  • Purge the vessel gently and thoroughly at "P" setting
  • Uses industry standard components where possible

The Hop Top Regulator is a precision instrument which is calibrated at the factory to provide the user with years of exacting, precise operation. The body of the Hop Top Regulator is made of injection-molded engineering resin containing no BPAs. All metallic parts are of stainless steel or brass, which will not corrode with years of use in a harsh environment.

What differentiates this product from others is that it was conceived, designed, and built with only one purpose in mind—preserving beverages. Do not attempt to use the Hop Top Regulator to inflate your bicycle tires. It will not work.